White Luxury

Welcome to White Luxury Rooms in Thessaloniki, which are located near the harbor of Thessaloniki and offer a great view of the city, as well as, the sea. At the same time, their distance from Aristotelous Square is only two kilometers away and just two hundred meters from the courthouse.

White Luxury Rooms are distinguished by their special style and their unique design. The rooms are modernly decorated in white and gray tones and are divided into three categories: Standard, Deluxe and Family.

Some information regarding the location of White Luxury Rooms;the rooms’ spot is near the port of Thessaloniki. Right after the turn of the courthouse, the first bus stop is called “Gefirakia” – it is situated above the stream of the Old Station, whose hedgerow trees are up until now positioned in the northern side, on the islet of the western entrance of Thessaloniki. This specific setting has been declared as “listed”. Afterwards, the second bus stop is called “Crossing Center” (KentroDierhomenon); this stop is found at the same height of the old entrance of the historic stables, which were one of a kind and provided shelter for the animals. These animals were transported through the port and mainly served the army needs during the war.

In addition, the area of ​​Old Station, where the White Luxury Rooms make their presence, is the historic monument of the city’s Jewish people. It was chosen for the founding of the Holocaust Museum as well as the Educational Center of the Holocaust which hopes to become the voice of the 55.000 Greek Jews in Thessaloniki who were deported and exterminated in the concentration camps during the Second World War.

Another historic building found in this side of the city is “Villa Petridi”. It was a project initiated by a rich Bulgarian man who was confident that Thessaloniki would be part of Bulgaria in 1900. However, Thessaloniki ended up to be part of Greece and therefore, the villa, which was still under construction until 1910, was bought by Petridis family around 1917-18. This historic villa can be found in Anagenniseos Street next to Thessaloniki’s courthouse.

The beautiful and beloved Thessaloniki is the second largest city and has an unrivaled charm and beauty which can satisfy every taste and desire. The city is worth visiting for many reasons, such as the White Tower, the famous sea side which is ideal for romantic walks and entertainment, as well as, the panoramic view from the Old Town.


Thessaloniki is, also, suitable for history lovers due to an abundance of museums and monuments. As it is mentioned earlier, it provides any sort of entertainment from cafeterias, clubs and the famous Greek style “bouzoukia” to music stages, theaters and cinemas. Moreover, by discovering the cuisine and the gastronomic culture of Thessaloniki, the city offers its guests the chance to familiarize themselves with gastronomic tastes which emerged from the cultural diversity.

The second largest city in Greece has a magic way of creating wonderful moments to its visitors and makes their trip unforgettable.

An ideal destination for short trips!