White Tower

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It was probably built by architect Mimar Sina in 1536 and it has a height of 34 meters and a perimeter of 70 meters. In the 18th century it was called Kalamaria tower, because it stood next to the gate leading to Kalamaria.

A few years later it was renamed Blood Tower, due to the decapitations of prisoners taking place in the tower by the Jenissaries. The blood running from the top of the tower, gave the name to it. In 1878, Sultan Abdul Hamit in order to present a more civilized face to the Allies had the tower painted white.

The Greek warriors that were captured during the 1897 war were kept in the Tower until the city’s liberation. The following years it was used as a radio tower and air defense. Since a massive restoration took place in 1983, the tower serves as an exhibition venue and a museum.